Skills and interests
During my internet experience I have encountered a lot of problems which I had to resolve. My strongest areas of web development are given below.
I coded all or parts of any project in which I worked. HTML5, CSS, frameworks
Professional installation and setting up of any wordpress projects.
Report making and consulting about inside optimization of websites for search engines – SEO.
Project Management
Manage the process of creating, developing, promoting and maintaining different websites and projects.
Dating sites and services
Monitoring and participating in the development of internet dating sites and platforms.
I know diferent e-commerce systems, and have experience in payment, delivery of goods.
Social Networks
Building logic of some social networks.
Social marketing
Design of social, marketing and viral campaigns, which briefly attracted the attention of many users.
Payment systems
Payments with dc/cc cards, paypal, epay.
Sms payments, and development of various value added services.
Premium services
Development, design and integration services and campaigns that provide monetization of websites and projects.
Documents, specifications, prototypes
Preparing technical documentation, clickable prototypes, logic schemes of sites and services.
CMS Web Platfomrs
Open source and softwares given below. I can do wonders with these software platforms.
I'm using some cms platforms: