Website Clickable Prototypes - PSD to click model

Creating a clickable prototype of a website, as well as sequencing of single html pages in clickable type. The service may be also converting of PSD design into a completely clickable prototype and preview of your website.
This service is suitable for arranging the logic behind the website, as well as for the preparation for website usability test. It may include sample structure of each page and the website functions plus more precise cutting and accurate clickable prototype of the website with sequencing of the links.
The service is completely based on the development of single page from your website and it is performed according to the design that is sent by you. The finished clickable prototype includes cut design for all the pages and it is sequenced through the links. You receive complete html and css files that can then be also used in programming the actual website.
Each clickable prototype can be run on your PC locally or uploaded online for testing and review.

How much time the making of the clickable prototype takes

Time depends entirely on the complexity of the design and on its applied design . For smaller and easy projects the needed time is less and such a prototype can be made within a day or two. For more complex projects, time varies. You can make a specific question request for time and price for your clickable prototype.

Payment method for the service

I accept Paypal payments. For bigger projects (over 25 subpages) payment is possible in this way: 50% in advance for project start and 50% before sending the files. For smaller projects that take few days, payment is made 100% in advance.

How much does the clickable prototype cost

The service price varies according to the complexity of the project. You may make a question request about the price and the needed time for your clickable prototype according to the parameters of the website. The cost of clickable prototype for a small website based on a pre-sent design starts from $ 100.

How can I make a question request or to order a clickable prototype?

Contact me via e-mail. In your message, you can describe the project in briefly and send me pictures (for instance, pgn) of the order, how many the pages are and notes, if available. I will respond you with price and needed time for performance as soon as possible.